Daleham Gardens for NW3 Community Land Trust secures planning permission

March 06, 2024

On Thursday 15th February 2024, Camden Council’s planning committee approved plans for a six-storey building on the site of a former council-owned block which was destroyed by fire in November 2017. In Autumn 2023, the council agreed to transfer the land NW3 Community Land Trust, North London’s first community land trust and the driving force behind the scheme.

Daleham Gardens will comprise of 14 new flats. Six flats will be sold at an average of 50% discount to market. These homes are available to anyone who is registered as a NW3 CLT member and qualifies via the allocations policy. It will also allow future owners to benefit from the same discount, as the 6 discounted market flats maintain the discount in perpetuity. The two rented flats will be allocated out to council tenants in line with Camden Council’s housing policy and the remaining six will be sold on the open market, to cross-subsidise the affordable homes. Alongside the new homes will also be a communal rear garden for the residents.

After securing the roles of MEP Engineer and Sustainability Consultant via competitive tender in 2023, Create have been part of a project team comprised of Altair (Development Manager), Mole Architects (Architect), Simple Works (Structural Engineer), BBUK Studio (Landscaping) and Calfordseaden (Quantity Surveyors). Together we have been providing a variety of technical services to support the compilation of a robust planning application, working across RIBA stages 1-3. To date Create have provided a Daylight and Sunlight Assessment, Overheating Assessment, Energy Statement, Air Quality Assessment, Sustainability Assessment, and MEP Strategy Report.

“The scheme successfully creates a new building for affordable homes within a complex site in the Conservation Area. With technical support and specialist advice from Create and other members of the project team, we have designed a building that exceeds the energy requirements of the Council, cutting fuel costs as well as carbon.”

Meredith Bowles, Director at Mole Architects

With planning and Greater London Authority (GLA) funding approved, this community-led scheme can now focus on the next stage, technical design. RIBA stage 4 will see the team ensure every aspect of the project is planned and ready for tender.

“Thanks to the hard work of the project team, the Community Land Trust have been able to hit a huge milestone. With planning and GLA capital funding approved, and after 6 long years and hundreds of volunteered hours, we are now moving towards procuring an experienced contractor to deliver these much-needed homes.”

Michelle Huggins, Associate Consultant at Altair

Daleham Gardens, North London
Mole Architects