Create has proven experience across all major sectors in the natural and built environment. Our dedicated teams can provide strategic guidance, specialist technical services and advice to our clients which include land and asset owners, local authorities and governments, architects, contractors and developers. Each sector has a main contact who can be contacted via phone or email.

Commercial & Retail

Whether it’s providing a specific Noise Impact Assessment to appease neighbours or multiple requirements to secure planning, we can deliver flexible technical services and advice to support the fast-paced Commercial & Retail sector.


Our specialist support for the Defence sector ranges from providing new boiler room and electrical designs to monitoring aircraft noise and protecting endangered wildlife. We are comfortable working within tight programme periods and secure environments.


We understand the pressures and requirements of public and private educational establishments, providing a robust package of technical services to support their maintenance, planning, construction and commissioning.


We work collaboratively alongside public authorities, infrastructure developers, landowners and property companies. Helping them to protect the environment against pollution through sustainable, innovative engineering, land, noise, air and water management.

Create Engineering - Image showing Geoenvironmental sector


Our healthcare experience ranges from providing individual services in a live environment to assisting with the masterplanning of new facilities. We offer cost-effective support, project management and design services to all forms of healthcare schemes.

Industrial & Energy

From supporting the regeneration of brownfield sites to securing planning for offshore wind farms, we have extensive experience in the industrial and energy sector. We understand the complex requirements and support our clients at each stage of their journey.

Create Engineering - Image showing Industrial and Energy sector

Strategic Land

We specialise in providing technical services to the support the Strategic Land sector. From feasibility studies to the development of long-term sustainability strategies, we are adept at supporting land owners and developers during the earliest stages.


We steer residential schemes through the complex planning process thanks to our experience and technical skillset, helping private individuals, local, regional and national developers to get their new homes and accommodation built and commissioned.

Photo showing a part of Canary Quay, Norwich.

Sport, Leisure & Hospitality

We assist with the creation of high-performing, robust, sustainable developments for the Sport, Leisure & Hospitality sector. Our experience ranges from initial feasibility studies for new hotels to acting as a Principal Designer on a stadium expansion.

Transport & Infrastructure

Whether we're providing a Parking Strategy for a development or highways and junction design for a new town, we have the experience to support, plan, design and deliver cost-effective, sustainable and safe transport and infrastructure projects across the UK.